Chaucee Stillman

Passion for Photography


What inspired you to get involved in photography?

I followed a lot of photography blogs and loved the way they saw the world. I wanted to pick up my own camera and see where it lead me. The desire to create leads me to many things, but I’m absolutely in love with photography.

How can people who are interested in photography better use Skype to grow their passion? Any advice?


Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. The best way to get to know a couple is to sit down and have a chat, but living states (or countries) away is where Skype comes in to aid in that connection.

What’s the most memorable Skype Moment you ever experienced or witnessed?

I would have to say when I was able to be there for my boyfriend’s birthday even though we lived in different countries at the time. Still being able to make that moment was important to me and Skype helped it happen!

What can we expect to learn from you as Skype brand ambassador?

I am excited about exploring all the opportunities that Skype has in connecting fellow photographers with other photographers.

What’s the most amazing photo you’ve ever taken? Share it via Skype file share if you can.

The most meaningful photo I’ve ever taken was right after the wedding ceremony of a couple where the bride is hugging her mother and mother in law while both the father and father in law looked on. It was such a tender moment of joy that I loved being there at the right moment.


What moments will you make with Skype?

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