Lara Eurdolian

Passion for Beauty


How are you currently using Skype to keep in touch with fans and followers of your work?

I get a lot of emails from fans and new bloggers asking to connect. I’m not always available to grab coffee or located in the same city, so Skype video calls are a great way to help answer their questions and give advice.

How useful are Skype tutorials for spreading the latest tips and techniques? Who would you most like to have a tutorial from?


Super useful! Often we look to blogs or YouTube videos for tutorials on how to do our hair and makeup. However, Skype video calls and group video calls offer a platform allowing for questions, making it a much more interactive, collaborative, and effective tool, especially for beginners.

Have you ever used Skype to share images of your finished work? Or various stages of a project?

I have! Often with collaborations it’s great for updating clients and members of my team on where we are with timelines. For instance, in a previous partnership, bloggers across different categories (I was picked for beauty) were asked to design a wrap for their car. I was on a road trip at the time from LA to San Francisco and was using Skype to give my feedback and comments to my designer so we could create mine.

Tell us about your most memorable Skype moment…

Being with my mom for Thanksgiving and calling my sister on Skype so she could join the family feast from over 3,000 miles away!

What can we expect to learn from you as Skype brand ambassador?

Anything you’ve ever wanted to learn about the beauty industry and more! My website is called Pretty Connected because of all the amazing experts and brands I’m connected to and want to share with my readers. I can’t wait to collaborate with like-minded beauty enthusiasts over Skype – the options are endless!


What moments will you make with Skype?

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