Lynn Chen

Passion for Acting


How do you think Skype can help enhance the film festival experience?

Not everyone can make it to a film festival, so Skype is a great way to bring important cast/crew members into a Q&A session. Also, press junkets are exhausting. It’d be nice to conduct some back-to-back interviews from the comfort of your hotel room using Skype.

How can actors best use Skype to prepare for auditions, rehearse and develop their craft?

I used Skype for my movie “Surrogate Valentine” – it’s how I met my leading man, Goh Nakamura. We rehearsed using Skype during the weeks leading up to the shoot, and by the time we met, we were very comfortable in person. I also use Skype to run last-minute auditions with friends at odd hours.

What famous dramatic monologue would you most want to perform in a Skype video message?


Sean Astin’s “It’s our time” speech from down the well in “Goonies.”

What advice would you have for someone looking to get into acting?

Just do it. Get on set, make your own work, help out others. Immerse yourself in movies, plays – see if you really, truly love it. If you can be rejected a thousand times and still feel motivated and passionate, you’re already ahead of the game.

How do you use Skype to collaborate and share ideas with other influential women?

Skype makes it really easy to connect face-to-face with people – not only friends, but strangers, too. I love that I can chat with someone I’ve met online through my web site, Thick Dumpling Skin. Often these women have children, so the fact that we can have a meeting over Skype without them having to hire a babysitter is pretty incredible!


What moments will you make with Skype?

Get involved