Zach Wigal

Passion for Gaming


How do you use Skype to enhance your gaming experience?

In video games, especially online PC games, having the ability to communicate with teammates is key to winning. To stay in touch with fellow gamers and friends, I rely on Skype. It’s the platform I prefer to use whenever I’m ready to hop into a game of StarCraft or Counter-Strike with teammates.

If you could surprise the Super Mario Brothers with a Skype video message what would you say?

I’d thank them for making an important contribution to my childhood. Super Mario 64 FTW!

What’s the greatest Skype Moment you’ve ever experienced or witnessed?

My StarCraft wingman and I have had a lot of epic wins together. Skype helps us share in our favorite emotion of all – victory!

What type of a role do you think gaming plays in pop culture?


Gaming has made an enormous impact on pop culture. Just look around! Nowadays, even my mom has Angry Birds on her cell phone. In some ways, I see video games as the great equalizer. Because so many people play games, gaming has become a common interest point for people with totally different backgrounds and professions. Video games are a source of conversation and camaraderie.

How has Skype helped create a sense of collaboration and community among gamers?

Gamers use Skype for all different kinds of purposes. At the core of everything, Skype helps us all stay in touch with each other. From playing our favorite video games, to hosting podcasts and streams, Skype is a tool that enables us to share our passion with the world.


What moments will you make with Skype?

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