Say hello to Tyson Mayr

Tyson traded in his suit and tie for a backpack and a map when he set off to see the world. Since then, he’s been trekking across the globe, helping charities do more for people in need. With the help of Skype, Tyson adds a new dimension to social good by allowing sponsors to see the results of the good they’re doing.

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Meet some Social Good Moment Makers:

Marla and Kasha Slavner

This mother/daughter duo created The Global Sunrise Project, a documentary film and book of short stories on global citizenship in action. The pair host worldwide sunrise chats using Skype.

Fran Houston

Fran is an avid writer and photographer living in Portland, Maine. She used Skype to help co-author the book “Gum on my Shoe” where she shared ways those suffering from depression and bipolar disorder can receive support from faraway friends.

Marty Baker

Marty is an author and mental health activist who loves to share the savvy ways he uses Skype. He is also the co-author of a book on how to care for someone suffering from depression from 3000 miles away.

Claire Jenkins

As CEO of Grow Movement, a virtual volunteer consulting company, Claire uses Skype to communicate with volunteers in Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi to help relieve poverty and create employment.

Roshell Rosemond

Based in Silicon Valley, Roshell blogs and talks about business wealth creation, and entrepreneurship; helping people navigate their way through corporate America.

Kimberly Brown

Kimberly is the founder and editor of Manifest Yourself. She describes herself as being passionate about “anything that’s life changing”. She shared her passion with Skype at the BlogHer conference.

Jennifer Morilla

Jen Morilla quit her full-time corporate New York City job to travel the world and help others. The Social Girl Traveler is not only a travel blog but is based on the social good business, ventures, and projects that Jen comes across while traveling the world. Find out where in the world she is now and who she's helping!

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